Project Brief:
Our project focused on a critical examination of the Sienese Urban condition, both within and beyond the walls. Our goal was to determine how contemporary Siena can continue to grow in a way that is intelligent and sustainable. Initially, we mapped signage and symbols in and around the city, and this lead us toward an examination of the different connected networks. We found several networks which were frustrated or frustrating and thus in need of repair, modification, or extension. Many of our interventions are small, and most are only suggestions of what is possible (and thus not described in detail). By integrating these networks, Siena can continue to grow at a sustainable human scale beyond its walls.
Anti- Tourism:
The idea of an Anti-Tourism Agency was based on our desire to find a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind Siena's urbanity (instead of merely a shallow or superficial reading of the city). Ordinary tourism relies on one knowledgeable guide who creates a homogenous experience (for the tour group) by dispensing rehearsed information. We wanted our critics to experience our "city" like a resident; by collecting information viscerally, exploring the microcosm we created.



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