The purpose of this page is to provide information to those who may be interested in printing using my personal plotter. I am offering this service at a lower cost then the Cannon Copy Center, the NJSOA Print Room, or any local businesses; but purely and exclusively on a limited interpersonal basis.


I print using a 36" roll of standard white bond paper. Pricing works out to approximately $5.00 per roll-foot.
   A 24" x 36" sheet costs $10.00 (plus up to $1 per foot for high ink usage)
   A 36" x 48" sheet costs $20.00 (plus up to $1 per foot for high ink usage)

If you're printing a sum of more than 10 linear feet, I will offer a discount, provided you get me your files the night before they are due. I won't offer discounts on rush jobs.

The best way to send me files is through Dropbox. Dropbox is a free online storage and syncing service, I highly recommend it. If you install dropbox with this link, we both get extra free space.
Try it out, its free:


The person who wishes to print is responsible for:
   1) Clearly communicating any deadlines that must be met
   2) Providing the necessary files (as PDFs) in a timely manner
   3) Arranging to pick up (or delivery) of the printed documents
   4) Paying in full upon the delivery of the printed documents

Policy Disclaimer

I will always confirm pricing before printing.
I will always make my best effort to have things printed on time.
I will always make my best effort to be easily reached while printing.

I am not responsible for files that are not set up correctly.
I am not responsible in the event of plotter malfunction.
If unforeseen circumstances prevent printing, obviously you dont need to pay.
I have the right to deny service.
Job Status
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