Fixing Things

Sep 21 2011

As a designer, and as a person, nothing pleases me more then to find something broken and fix it, ideally, while benefiting myself in the process.

In part, that is why I bought a plotter, because the current system for printing at NJIT sucks. The “show up during limited hours and get over-charged for printing, which you MUST do to pass studio” paradigm is so incredibly rotten and inefficient that it was ripe for redesign. With my services, people can print almost 24/7, at a more reasonable price. And once I finish the new upload form (this weekend!) they will be able to upload online, check the queue online, and receive instant information about the status of their print, also ONLINE. Which means less work for me and mine, and better service for everyone else.

Another thing that I think is really broken, that I want to fix is the lack of critical discussion of buildings. Architecture theory is pretty hard to find online, or it has been for me at least. Generally, Architecture is only presented as glossy photos and a press release, which leaves me wanting more.. Over the next year, I want to work to get this blog to the top of google’s search results when you look for “Architecture Theory Blog”, so that interested parties can find some critical discussion.

And hey, maybe it’ll even benefit me in the process.

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