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Sep 02 2011

Like everyone, I took a few pictures of the stuff I was eating.. A lot of the food, I actually made myself, but the ingredients were so fresh and it was so tasty that it was worth capturing.

Investigating my cafe… The cheese is so fresh and perfectly salty.. delicious.

After a long day, the best way to get a big meal is at the bar. Its called appertivo, and for five euro you get a drink (Cosmopolitan pictured) plus all you can eat of whatever they’re serving.

I ate a lot of gellato while in Italy. A. Lot. Of. Gellato.

If I had room in my bag, I would have bought one of these… they retail for about 30 euro.

The first of these two shows the caprese I got in Pienza, which was absolutely stellar. It was a good discovery on a side street, the only place that wasn’t totally packed.
The second image is my imitation in Siena, not quite as good, but still delicious.

Another “Matthew see, Matthew do”. this time with tagliare pasta and seafood. I used zucchini for mine because it was cheaper, in season, and I wanted to learn to prepare it.

These are my absolute favorites. Alec and I had this running experiment, anytime that we went out mapping, we’d find something to pick and try. Sometimes it was fresh peaches, other times it was black berries, and one (very unfortunate) time, it was blueberries (which tasted like chalk).

The only part of Firenze that I really liked was the place we grabbed lunch, everything came in a bread bowl and they had some great wine.

And finally, once I was in Berlin, I kept cooking, this is one of the meals I whipped up for myself. I love cooking, its almost as soothing as eating.

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